Campaign Update 7/18/17

After much thought and analysis, I have decided to discontinue my campaign for Congress. My primary motivation in entering the race was to contribute to the betterment of our country. Since January, I have believed our democracy is under threat. I wanted to be part of the fight against the corrupt and chaotic acts of this current administration. I felt my military, business and airport management background provided the basis of a solid Democratic candidate for Congress.

While my passion for these issues and the change that is needed remains, I know my decision to suspend my campaign is right for me. My reasons are a combination of personal ones and ones related to technicalities of mounting this type of long-term, sustained effort. I enjoyed the up-close look at the process and the opportunity to meet so many strong Democratic leaders and dedicated advocates throughout the district. I have learned, ever more clearly, that the efforts of volunteers are the true foundation of the democratic process. Volunteers are the reason our complex system works. Volunteers are the heroes of the democratic process.

A special thanks to my campaign treasurer, Laura Orazi, whose dedication, knowledge of the political process and organizational skills kept me on track throughout this experience.

I plan to continue encouraging fairness and equality for all and to continue enjoying family and friends, flying airplanes and sharing music with our community. I thank all who have supported and encouraged me along the way. I appreciate all of you!

Integrity and Fairness.

My name is Larry Diemand. I'm a Democrat running for US Congress in Ohio Congressional District 14. 

Why am I running?  I have a passion to get involved, to be part of the solution. I want to help.

I truly believe our democracy is at stake. I believe that fairness in the legislative process is most important.

The laws we create in Congress must be fair for all people--and must include consideration of those who have little or no voice.

What can I do to help citizens of CD14?

Let me know at, or visit me on Facebook at Larry Diemand for Congress.